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What Our Clients Say

"TargetPath was the team we turned to for advice and support when we decided to expand beyond software into hardware/software solutions. Their contribution in sourcing, supplier negotiation, operations/logistics, and go-to-market strategy was instrumental in making the launch of the BroadSign Xpress business a tremendous success."

Brian Dusho - BroadSign, Inc.

"TargetPath has been directly responsible for managing and growing our global OEM display business since late 2008. From setting up our sales and support offices in the US and Europe, to aligning our engineering and manufacturing organizations in Taiwan, to driving our product roadmap on a global basis, we have relied on TargetPath extensively."

Scott Soong, VP and GM - Chilin Technology

"TargetPath has been instrumental in the development and execution of our Prysm corporate strategy. Over the past two years, the team at TargetPath contributed in all facets of our business from executive strategy, brand and channel development to product and supply chain optimization. They are an extension of our team and part of the Prysm family."

Dana Corey, VP of Global Sales & Service - Prysm Inc

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

Founded in 2011, SOL REPUBLIC is a global consumer electronics company dedicated to enhancing people's lives through better-sounding headphones and accessories. They are music fanatics who develop products from the ground up to make headphones and speakers that look, sound and feel unlike anything else in the market. TargetPath was integral in the development, launch and management of SOL REPUBLIC from its conception to becoming one of the fastest growing audio brands in its category, according to NPD.

Agile Display Solutions is a leading supplier of high value, large-sized professional display solutions for select OEM partners. TargetPath created and manage this specialty display manufacturing company from our long-term partnership with the Chilin / Chi Mei group of companies.

popSLATE is an iPhone case that allows you to customize the back of your phone, via it's e-paper screen, to show off images, messages, boarding passes, schedules – any content – 24/7. It's thin and lightweight and is a gorgeous complement to the iPhone, but is tough enough to take a beating. And, best of all, the ultra-low-power e-Paper screen extends your battery life. To support popSLATE, TargetPath delivered strategic assets and capabilities in the areas of sourcing and supply chain, marketing planning, investor development, retailer engagement, 3PL/Logistics and operational infrastructure

Barco provides integrated digital signage technology, from content creation tools over content distribution and visualization to content interaction solutions. Barco offers a single, integrated solution that ensures 24/7 reliability and advanced tools for full system integration. TargetPath supported Barco with a strategic plan and the development of an entirely new line of business for Barco's North American entertainment division creating their Cinema Digital Signage business

BroadSign International, LLC is one of the leading digital signage software companies in the world and has been since it unveiled its first digital signage product in 2004. It had been in development for several years and was a radical departure from anything created or envisioned at the time. TargetPath accelerated BroadSign's presence and expanded its application possibilities by creating a strategic plan, sourcing and operational infrastructure development for BroadSign's first entry into digital signage media players with the creation of the BroadSign Xpress Android media player.

Chilin is an anchor partner managing their global commercial displays business unit from product development to customer acquisition to managing the manufacturing team in Taiwan. Through the TargetPath team, this division spun off to become Agile Display Solutions, which operates successfully today.

Prysm designs beautiful, interactive and eco-friendly video walls. Their Cascade series offers unrivaled collaboration capabilities and their Olympic video walls can scale to widths of over 100 ft and can be customized for the needs of a space creating a larger-than-life impact. TargetPath defined and executed initial brand and channel strategy for Prysm as well as product launch and on-going business development.

DS-IQ delivers breakthrough technologies for intelligently targeting messages to shoppers across multiple digital media channels, online and in-store. Serving thousands of retail locations, mobile, social media and web properties, their highly diversified technology provides the agility, stability and security needed to deliver scalable digital marketing operations. TargetPath accelerated DS-IQ by developing and leading the strategic partnership initiative for the software technology company, as well as identified new market and revenue opportunities complimentary and incremental to current business strategies.

MOD Systems, Inc. developed digital media delivery systems for retailers. It offered an Inventory On-Demand Solution, which provided retailers tools to burn CDs and DVDs in store as well as an In-store Digital Media Solution, which allowed customers to search a virtual catalog of digital assets, such as music tracks, videos, TV content, movies, and games. TargetPath escalated MOD by establishing a business strategy and market presence for the new digital media distribution company as well as identified and closed initial target customers while project managing the initial product roll-out.

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